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Conference Rooms

We offer a wide range of conference rooms, technological equipment and services.


Our conference rooms make HELIOTROPE HOTEL an ideal choice on Lesbos Island for conferences, seminars, fashion shows, demonstration of materials, products and know-how, foreign language examinations, summer schools and meeting of all kinds.


The seating equipment of our facilities allows all possible choices of space layouts: theatrical, school, “cabaret” or “islets” and “Π-shape” layout.

Our audio and visual equipment cover the technological needs of any modern conference, providing excellent audio and visual quality to all attendants, even if they are more 200 persons.

Our hotel is designed in such a way so as to provide to all hosts the unique advantage to simultaneously use more conference rooms, all well-equipped.


Certainly, HELIOTROPE HOTELS also undertakes the impeccable food cover of your events organised in our spaces, with numerous choices for coffee breaks, snacks, lunch and dinner, specially designed in accordance with the requirements and the instructions of the organiser.

Our conference rooms have equipment and supervision and audiovisual means, such as:

  • Tables
  • Round tables
  • Chairs
  • Chair Covers
  • Buffet Equipment
  • Video Projector
  • Screen
  • Overhead Projector
  • Slide Projector - Flipchart
  • CD & DVD Player
  • Microphone and Loudspeaker
  • Wired and Wireless Microphones
  • Powered Speakers for indoors or outdoors
  • Lapel Microphones (for presenters)
  • Laptop
  • WiFi Internet
  • Trimming Lights (adjustable lighting rooms)

For the organisation of your company event, you are kindly requested to contact us.